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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The show must go on

Is it them? I see the pink, in the wings..wiggling and squiggling about. The sound system is bad, and there is some confusion. Oh..are they afraid? Do they need me back there? I just dropped them off, in the back, gave them a kiss and Larry and I walked out and around to find our seats. All my backstage memories come pouring back. Grumbling stomachs, racing heartbeat, and I begin to relive them all. What have I done? Are they alone in the back with their fears? I should go to them. I hold my breath...

Meanwhile the girls sit backstage coloring, snacking on cliff bars, waiting to go out and dance. What would they think, if they knew their mother was having such separation anxiety? Would they come and save me? Instead, they march out on stage, dance and sing their hearts out, while tears run down my face. (Wasn't I just telling them if they cried they would have big black stains down their faces) No, I didn't need to tell them that. They are fearless. No tears, no flinch, no twitch...While I completely melt down out in the audience. I am glad my girls still are under the impression that they need me. I will keep up the show as long as possible...after all..

the show must go on!

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Alpaca Farmgirl said...

There are absolutely darling! WOW! My twins are fraternal, and they are turning 6 this month. Got an email from Fisher Price saying that this was my last email. My kids had outgrown them. Waaa! Feeling melancholic...seeing your babies made my day. Enjoy them!

DEANNA said...

Awww look at them! How incredibly sweet. Where are the photos of the recital? How absolutley cute! I know that anxiety and how funny is it that, they are always just fine!!!!

Miss you! We just suck at connecting on the phone lately! Tis the season!!

Lylah said...

yeah...double awwwww to deanna's one :-) how stinkin cute. loved the story of the mom's heart.

love u friend