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Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring is Here!!

The girls are planting their easter baskets. The bunny left all the goodies in little planting pots, with kitty and puppy bobble heads. Now, they are full of flowers.

The girls are smiling by what will be the herb garden..the wine barrell out on the patio.

Yeah for spring!!!!
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Can you all see the salad here? mmmm!!

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Getting ready to plant

Well, its plowed. Now today it will be disced, then I will zip around with my little tiller, and make my potato mounds, and walking paths. I think I will put my little knome of abundance with a bench somewhere in the center, so I can watch the tomatos grow.

Any suggestions? What sounds good to plant.

that is Kiersten at the other end, scrunching clumps.
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