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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do you ever?

Just look at your child, and say..."oh my gosh, that is not the same child, something is really different" I have mornings like that, or evenings..when all of a sudden one or the other of them look so....OLD~
Not the normal things, Like a chub up or slim down...or too short of pants...or a tummy showing in between the shirt and shorts...

I mean something different. A look in their eyes that says..."oh i get it now mom" ...or a nod...or something like...."you have me so disorganized i cant do my homework..." (yes that came out of Shannons 4 year old mouth today, talking to her sister)

or like this picture..when her teeth look really tiny...and I know what that means...soon they will be gone...with big gaping holes..and teeth too big for their mouths..

its the passage of time, and I can't seem to stop matter how hard I try. (but then the daffodils would never bloom)
This time I REALLY know how fast they get big. This time, it really scares me...
Thank G_d for faith, because without I wouldn't make it...thanks God, for all of it, and for letting me see if before it passes me by.
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How to get GREAT salsa in Wisconsin!!

Wish me luck folks...
salsa should be ready....oh i dunno...90 days or so?

Anyone got chips??

How about tortillas? Anybody know how to make them, so you can teach me?
Can't get good ones here, thats for sure, haven't found em yet anyway.

found cheese...

oh and i want to bury a pig and cook it for the halloween party..anybody know how to do that? I have an idea, but not exactly...


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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The same, but NOT!!

Could two people be more identically different? Holy smokes...Hollywood and Barnum and Bailey...

What an amazing thing these girls are to close, so loving, so the same...and so...


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Spring has arrived!!

The snow is gone...the flowers are blooming. It is amazingly mild, humid and beautiful outside!! We have 6 acres of green grass, and haven't turned the sprinklers on once...
Everything is beginning to burst with color. Exactly what I always thought spring would look like..
more photos to follow...
Oh, this is my FIRST daffodil...we planted 200 bulbs before we even closed on this house, one because I was going nuts in the motorhome waiting for them to move out, and two...
I had a feeling the snow would melt, and I would be looking forward to the sun!!

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

AFTER the Party....

cool room eh?

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First spring picnic

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hanging baskets...

Ok folks..wish me luck...As soon as it warms up a little more...I am going to try and grow a few of these, and hang them around the property...

They don't do great in AZ...

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Many generations of Chipmunks...RULE!!!!!!

Ok, so you may wonder why I have this post on the Raymond page, instead of the giggling twins page. This is why...the Chipmunks span three Even though two of the generations are my kids, (thats just how it goes) its three generations non-the-less.
Now...Alvin was ALWAYS my favorite, as he had a harmonica and wanted a hoola hoop...(what could be cooler) and I must say, he reminded me a bit of myself. Seems Alvin was always getting yelled at...(no..not ME????)

So here we are ...i have three days till I turn 47, and I am outta my skin because the Chipmunk movie is out on DVD, and I HAVE GOT TO GET TO SAMS CLUB....NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

I have to tell you...they have not lost there allure, at least in my house. The girls got to stay up until late to watch it...(because I WAS NOT waiting until today..)
and, they were on the ends of their seats..cracking up...leaning into the T.V. and wondering why I was so lost trying to sing the Witch Doctor...does anyone but me remember the old one? It was NOT hip/hop...although the new one is cool. I am telling you, in 1963 who knew hip/hop?

Some things just will always make you feel warm and fuzzy. As for the middle generation, I think she liked Thundercats and She-Ra lots more than the chipmunks....but I have made sure the little ones are socked in!!!!


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it sunk in the ground....too wet yet...what a spins 360!!! waaahoooo!

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