We are at the end of our first year, in this strange new land where water falls from the sky! Here is a bit of our story...


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So THIS is ice cream!!

So, my family is always on me, (both sides) about not giving the girls refined sugar! I try not to even give them the "healthy" sugar, if there is such a thing. So, as they don't believe anyone can live without ice cream, here is the proof.


but momma makes it.
Try using Eureka brand Xylitol when making ice cream. Everything else is the same...
Guess what? Even the sugar KING of the family likes it, and cannot tell the difference. Go figure. You do not have to kill yourselves, and your children. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 13, 2006

This is my most recent photo, of the girls and I.
This is the Icon for ~3~BLOndeS*MoM*

A Name that you may find me with for quite some time. Posted by Picasa

Frustrated with the web, servers and blogging!

I have to just vent a bit...anyone find themselves getting distracted by this and that online? Build a new ___space here, or market yourself at_____book there? ARGH!! I have a tendancy to choose to learn things the hard way, by just doing them myself. Trial and error I suppose.
I have built myself a great blog, using godaddy as the provider, and just as I get things up and running, all my posts go out to my subscribers as jibber jabber!! It has been two weeks while they try and resolve the issue, and while i understand how difficult technology can present itself, I am still going crazy with frustration!! I have found a great new blog, for network marketers, i think it is. She is wonderful, and full of great information. Those of you out there working at building your business...go to her space...
As for me? Well here I am with another webpresence....I hope to narrow it down to what works soon. If you know of anyone with the answers..please let me I am tired of being the "do it yourself kid"