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Thursday, September 25, 2008


What else is there to say?
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Inspired by Lylah

Alright, I guess I have been reading too many "make your house a cozy, comfy, yadda yadda..." and, quite frankly, they are all right. So this table, is inspired by my two favorite designers, Miss Lylah, and Miss DeAnna! This is nothing like their beauty, but its cozy, and comfy. Now, would you both please come over, and have coffee at my kitchen table??? hmmmmm????
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Monday, September 01, 2008

An idea to help you all get a jump on Christmas!!

Hi Everyone!
I know I am usually talking about silly things going on here, but this time I would like to extend some help to all you busy moms out there. I know Christmas is beginning to creep into everyones mind, and if your like me, that sets off an entire list of bells and whistles!!
I found sendoutcards about a year ago, and it has made keeping in touch with those i love much nicer. You KNOW how easy it is to send an e-card, yes? Well, Send out cards is just as easy, except someone else prints the card, addresses the card, and mails it for you!! (p.s. did i tell you could do it now and set the mail date for, oh say closer to Christmas? one thing down..check)
It cannot be any easier than this!! So, in the spirit of an early Christmas, I am gifting everyone that clicks a trial card, on me. This way you can see how EASY it is...not only can you send a card in 30 seconds, but if you choose you can have a font made out of your writing, and you can add photos, or create your own photo card in another program and then upload it!! Thats if your wanting too..if not, choose a card, sign it, send it...all with a click of the mouse. go will see...pass it on to others that you think might be interested.

As a matter of fact...send an unexpected card to your husband..tell him how awesome he is and how much you appreciate him.
Just SEE what happens...then call and let me know. I love a great story...

Happy Holidays...