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Saturday, November 15, 2008

the new read of the day.

I just ordered this from Amazon! There was a new word used in the review, at least new to me, Locovore. Interesting. It is an interesting concept, one in which I am trying to embrace. I noticed, while eating my warm soybeans, that they came from China, while my house was covered with soy beatles, due to the recent harvest. All of the soy grown was for cattle I am on a quest to find local farmers to buy from!! I will do this!! As I throw wilted, wrinkled turnips into the garden for mulch..apples I didn't get to, concord grapes that made my basement smell like that of a wino! I do have apple cider fermenting however..(oh, thats the wino smell) waiting to turn to vinegar-half a freezer of frozen tomatos, and grapes, and zucchini~ all in all not to bad for a first year, and I hadn't even planned on having a garden!! Oh, and pickles, I have green tomato pickles!
Today I heard of jalapeno and eggplant pickles..sounds interesting to me! Anyone know? Alright, I am off to read the book. It should have loaded on my kindle by now. I look forward to a review...has anyone else read it?


DEANNA said...

I love he way you did your blog now. The girls are getting so big.. and don't laugh.. but the pic on the side bar of them cooking... Sooo Little house on the prarie. LOVE IT! Wait til I tell you why I think I got sick. You will just flip... think immitation cat urine smell... my jerk of soon to be ex- brother in law and the best way to make money when you are a scum bag... and I was in the house for 4 hours!!

Lylah said...

how so crazy - i just snagged that book from candace's house! we are so like minded!

thanks for the comment. jillian's going to do her "gardening for kids" series....she's got lots of tips...not sure how true they'll be, but we'll have fun.

love...let's say...really LOVE the look of your blog. great job!
love u friend.

DEANNA said...

Hey chicky.. NEED to talk... soon.. NEWS to talk about and questions. WED NIGHT? Or too stressful before Turkey day? Let me know!!

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

what's your email addy? not sure i have it or at least the right one. :-)