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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Many generations of Chipmunks...RULE!!!!!!

Ok, so you may wonder why I have this post on the Raymond page, instead of the giggling twins page. This is why...the Chipmunks span three Even though two of the generations are my kids, (thats just how it goes) its three generations non-the-less.
Now...Alvin was ALWAYS my favorite, as he had a harmonica and wanted a hoola hoop...(what could be cooler) and I must say, he reminded me a bit of myself. Seems Alvin was always getting yelled at...(no..not ME????)

So here we are ...i have three days till I turn 47, and I am outta my skin because the Chipmunk movie is out on DVD, and I HAVE GOT TO GET TO SAMS CLUB....NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

I have to tell you...they have not lost there allure, at least in my house. The girls got to stay up until late to watch it...(because I WAS NOT waiting until today..)
and, they were on the ends of their seats..cracking up...leaning into the T.V. and wondering why I was so lost trying to sing the Witch Doctor...does anyone but me remember the old one? It was NOT hip/hop...although the new one is cool. I am telling you, in 1963 who knew hip/hop?

Some things just will always make you feel warm and fuzzy. As for the middle generation, I think she liked Thundercats and She-Ra lots more than the chipmunks....but I have made sure the little ones are socked in!!!!


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DeAnna said...

You are too cool chickie! I long for the day when I too can sit and watch a movie from beiginning to end.. A few more years!! I do love them too!