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Thursday, January 24, 2008

And the winner is!!!

I just have to post this, I cannot help myself. This is a message I just got, from a dear friend..(one I miss a ton btw) and I am so excited for her...and for me, I can hardly stand it!!!

She reins supreme...ummm..thats not to mention her son A.J., who actually complied, and learned his marks...wooo hooo...congrats!!!

ust gotta brag a bit! AJ did the testing today at Yavapai College because we have taught him everything through high school level and he is now ready for college, at 15, and wants to start on the road towards getting a master's in marine biology along with fine tuning his passion for writing. So.........drum roll.........He got a 99 in Grammar/Editing (must be the tutoring he's had from the highly talented Christy Krug as he writes his novel), he took a 96 in math-pre-Algebra, then a downslide as he moved into the higher math, 66 college algebra, and 28 in Calculus (how do you even get a 28 in something you've never done?), he took an 81 in Reading/Comprehension, which I think is great but the instructor is looking into because she thinks it was miscalculated and should be higher due to the 99 in Grammar/Editing. So, a HUGE sigh of relief. HOMESCHOOLING REALLY WORKS! and even if taught by someone who was homeschooled all her life and who didn't know what she was doing most of the time but followed her instincts and stuck with what was important and used any and all tools available, dvds, computer games, etc. IT WORKED
Okay, that's a relief, I can stop wondering if my kid will make it into college.
Love you all!